In the Loop: Believest Thou Are Forgiven

Monday, March 31, 2014

Blessed is the one 
whose transgressions are forgiven; whose sins are covered. Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord does not count against them and in whose spirit is no deceit.” (Psalm 32:1-2)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your scars were hidden and the sins of your past were forgotten? Wouldn’t it feel great to know that your faults weren’t hanging over your head any longer? Jesus died for ALL sin – not just the BIG things we do wrong, but also the little white lies, the dirty, inner thoughts, and the mistakes that are against His will.

As God’s children we have the great privilege of our sins being covered and forgiven. We no longer have to condemn or beat ourselves up for our pasts. He can take our faults and transform them into forgiveness, if we but give our lives fully to Him. Our Father is Forgiving! Because of His great love for us, and the passion that led Him to the cross, He took on our sins so that we wouldn't have to!

Psalm 32:1-2 will serve as our springboard for the month of April as we take God at His word and ask the question: Believest Thou Are Forgiven? We have great testimonies of deliverance to swap through our Testimony Tuesday lessons and amazing stories of breaking negative strongholds to share through our Freedom Friday messages!

Because Christ died for all sin, He has forgiven all sin. What a reason to testify and celebrate freedom! Join us April 8, 2014 as we launch back in to Testimony Tuesdays and April 11, 2014 as we celebrate Freedom Fridays. Bring a friend, family member, acquaintance, or anyone who could stand to benefit from God’s forgiveness and let us all get ready to grow together in the Lord! ☺

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