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Friday, March 28, 2014

Comfort Me

Sister, I need you to comfort me.
Don't downplay my suffering
Or belittle my sorrow by saying "I know what you're going through"
When you absolutely do not.
And Sister, please ease my pain.
Dry my tears and stay with me until
what drips from my eye waters my spiritual garden and fertilizes my soul.
Console my grief and keep the darkness from consuming me, the sadness from enveloping my very being
Give me strength for the present and hope for the future
Because I know there is a balm in Gilead
I know there is a sister there
Who can help me make room for God to heal my hurts
To revive my sin-sick soul
And to remake my pieces into a complete whole
Cheer my successes, for some do not have anyone in their corner
celebrate my victories
For a triumph in Jesus is truly a happy time indeed
Sister, lead me to His perfect peace
So I can lay this burden down
And rest from all my trials.

~Jessica Tolliver

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