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Friday, April 04, 2014

Jessica Tolliver is back again to encourage us with a poem that centers around our theme, Believest Thou Are Forgiven. We pray her original piece is a blessing to you!

Flames of Forgiveness

There's a fire in my house,
Slowly burning down everything I've worked so hard to build.
The flames are destroying my precious memories bit by bit
The smoke chokes the very breath from my lungs
I'm lost. I want to leave, to run!
But what of all my possessions?
It's my fault, really. You see, I kept playing with the fire, delighting myself in the joy of danger
Reveling in not getting burnt.
If I only knew then that each time, I was singeing the part of my heart where Jesus lives
Keeping him out, for he cannot reside where chaos takes hold.
Each time the fire touches my fingers,
It wipes a little of my fingerprints off
And steals my identity
Who am I? As I stare at the red licks tearing down my life, I don't know.
Lord, forgive me for my curiosity
For flirting with danger
Wanting more than I needed
Looking where I shouldn't,
touching what I shouldn't
Loving people more than I love you.
I apologize with bitter tears, Father.
Let your cleansing waters put this inferno of sin to rest
Blow your winds of change over my life to spin my situation around
Light up my paths with your heavenly Son
so that the garden of my heart blooms with flowers of your magnificent glory
Evacuate the demons and replenish me with the fruits of your spirit
And condemn this old house so that I can be baptized into a new one -
A home not made with hands.
I ask for mercy as I repair what's broken and wait for you to heal me fully.
Please Lord, help me to believe I am forgiven.

~Jessica Tolliver

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