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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Like a bird soaring above the forest floor
Flying above the land animals attempting to ground them and the humans aiming to shoot them down for sport
Be free.
Like a seed traveling on the winds of time
Looking for fertile ground to plant and grow into a stunning bouquet piece for all to admire
Be free.
Like a lion caged by the circus that manages to escape its hostile treatment
Running toward the jungle and its true home while dodging the darts of fearful eyes and harmful bullets that mean to stop this regal King dead in his tracks
My sister, be free.
Like the evening breeze warms our faces in the spring and cools us in the summer
Caring not for anyone's concerns,
only the heavenly directions issued by the Master
Be free.
Like the Gospel, which allows us all to live in God's heavenly sunlight day after day
and partake in the goodness of his overflowing mercies
Stay free.
Delight in the Lord's laws and meditate on His scriptures like the prophets of old
Ingest His words like a beautiful medicine for your sin-sick soul
Envelope His spirit around your heart like a grandmother's quilt, warming your life with joy beyond compare
Oozing a happiness from the inside out
that a mere bandage could never contain
Quench your weaknesses with earnest prayer for strength,
Nurture your strengths with the strong fertilizer of the Word until they grow so tall that they cover the Old you completely
For Christ does not forgive us just to leave us
He completes His good work and creates a better man in all of us
And in that good work lies immeasurable, unspeakable, unfathomable joy.

~Jessica Tolliver


If you would like to hear Jessica's poem live, follow this link to find her on our page today!

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