Mountain Moving Monday: Holy

Monday, June 16, 2014

According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.” (Ephesians 1:4)

Word Study: Holy

The original meaning of holy in this verse is taken from the Greek word, Hagios, which means a sacred thing, separated from sin and consecrated to God, free from the admixture of evil.

Let’s look at the word holy in the scripture above to see how it applies to our lives.

God’s chosenness put us into the state of holiness. That’s right. There is nothing that we could have done, no prayer that we could have prayed, no sacrifice we could have made to attain holiness. God’s grace called us to it. He chose us to be holy.

Because holiness is not something we could attain, it’s not something that people can take away from us. Neither can we thwart God’s purpose for making us holy. 

Being chosen in Him makes us free from the admixture of evil. Admixture just means something mixed with something else, typically as a minor ingredient, to impair its quality or reduce its value. For example, holy with an admixture of evil implies that the enemy attempts to reduce something in us that God made great.

We often find ourselves believing what we know to be true (that we’re holy, blessed, and saved) then a drop of doubt (or admixture) comes from someone who says, “No, you’re not that,” then we question our holiness based off of the minor ingredient that was added to the greater.

Admixtures are the naysayers who tell us what we are not. We allow what they say to become a mountain in our lives when their voices are louder than God’s truths. They add doubt to what we know to be true! They live to impair the quality of our place in Christ, reduce the value of our chosenness, and diminish who and what God chose us to be in Him. We must move the mountains of admixtures by claiming our holy status.

We move the mountain of self-hatred because our holy status makes us worthy! We move the mountain of shame because our holy status makes us honorable! We move the mountain of lies because our holy status makes us loved! In God, we are holy, because He simply chose us to be.


Our Most Holy, only, divine God, we honor you today for placing us into the state of holiness. We believe that our chosenness makes us holy, so we pray today Father, that when you take notice of us, you see your children living the greatness that you placed within us at the beginning. We pray that the admixture of evil that satan tries to use to trample us be removed from our lives and that we continue to praise you for who you are, forevermore! In Jesus’ holy name, Amen! 

How will your holy status move mountains today?

*Word definitions taken from the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance*

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