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Monday, June 30, 2014

"Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and He will strengthen thine heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord." (Psalms 27:14)


I almost gave up when the storms of life blew me against the wall
The pressures of this life vexed my very soul
The flower of my life was withering away petal by precious petal
And the soil of my being was drying up and bringing in weeds to choke my soul garden
Was it time to run away or hide my light under a bushel?
Was the nearest and darkest corner now my friend, becoming a prime target for the devil to conquer?
But I followed my shadow out of my continuous night
I decided to take up my own cross to follow the Savior
Stepping with the confidence that only comes from the Word and fellowship with its saints
Dining on the glorious buffet of spirit fruits given by the Tree of Life
Filling my mind and body with the faith and confidence of my Jesus
Drunk in His love for me

I almost laid down my sword, tired of fighting a losing battle
But oh! Had I only known that the victory had already been claimed by a God that knows no defeat
A loser can't know the rewards of a conqueror any more than a caterpillar can know the lofty visions of the butterfly
I cannot live in absolute faith if I wallow in certain doubt and depression
Shame on me for bowing my head too

The guarantee of tribulation is certain
Trials by fire are sure and constant for children of God
But don't quit, because you are almost done.
Wait on the Lord with the patience of a thousand mighty men
Stand still and witness His unwavering faithfulness towards you
His salvation, which endures with no end
Get off your knees crawling for a grounded safety
And rise up to clothe yourself in a heavenly deliverance

See the long journey ahead and trust that the glorious end glows with heavenly light
I know now that the path was trodden first by the footsteps of a man created to bear all my burdens
My immortality is assured so this, that I'm going through, has not the power to kill me

I looked up, through my flowing tears
Through the pain and sweat of my struggle and realized
I'm almost done.
Lord, order my steps so that I can walk on the waters of your complete perfection and mirror your beauty
So when I am surely done, I can live forever in a kingdom not made with earthly hands...
Because He is never done.

~Jessica Tolliver

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