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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Jessica Tolliver brings us another original work, entitled, Metamorphosis. Our prayer is that as we are daily renewed in our minds that we change from a heart of hate to a heart of love; that we move from hurt to healing; that we break negative strongholds and build structures of faith; and that we move on to maturity in the Lord!


Sometimes, we start off as caterpillars.
The caterpillar crawls slowly through life,
nibbling at leaves and being satisfied with it's mediocre existence
It doesn't make friends, or pretend to be what it is not.
It can't...it is merely a lowly bug in a world much bigger than it could ever be.
But one day, something happens.
It gets the vision to become something different and fulfill its destiny.
That which was self-designed to protect her from harm
Now threatens to suffocate her very beauty
The covering that kept her safe, wrapped in a tight dark shell
Prevented her from spreading her wings,
Trapping her freedom until her change is done.
Break free, beautiful butterfly and be free indeed.
And then, just like that butterfly
He laid his hands on my very soul,
healing all the torn pieces
And I became like Jesus, who rose from a stone cocoon,
wrapped up in ragged cloths three days old
Bound by the Devil, surely trapped forever
But He showed us that no cocoon can keep God's creations wrapped in sin
Hallelujah! My Lord broke free and flew to His throne in glory and by his mercy,
so can we.
We must decide to escape our cocoons of depression, shame, anger and hurt
And shake off the film that binds us to sin.
Fly high! Let go of your caterpillar mentality that leaves you crawling on the ground
Accept your regal status as a winged creature that represents beauty, hope, inspiration and transformation.
Our beauty must soar and give life to others,
Or what is all the struggle for?

~Jessica Tolliver

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