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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed it cannot.” (Romans 8:7, ESV)

Exalted Over Self-Pity

We have an innate desire to protect ourselves. We want to protect our feelings, our egos, or our rights at all costs, and when people don’t treat us like we want to be treated, self-pity can set in.

For example, King Ahab in 1 Kings 21:4-16, asked for a vineyard that belonged to Naboth, because the vineyard was very close to the king’s palace. He told Naboth if he didn’t give it to him, he would consider buying the vineyard. Naboth told King Ahab that the Lord forbids him to give him the land as it was an inheritance of his fathers. King Ahab, hurt and displeased in his spirit because he didn’t get his way, ran into his house, fell upon on his bed, hid his face and refused to eat. Sometimes when we don’t get our way, we sulk in self-pity and cry as King Ahab did. Can you relate?

You may become obsessive over something and when you don’t get it you became like a spoiled child who cries and throws a tantrum and pity party because you were hurt and damaged in your spirit. Self-pity has set in on those whom you see always crying about bad decisions they've made or about what happened to them, or they're always sulking and complaining because people didn’t treat them right or like they thought they were entitled to be treated. Anytime we become more focused on the “what happened to self” rather than who we are in Christ, we fall into states of self-pity. When the self rules us, we are ruled by the flesh. Like the scripture says above, "a mind set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law;" so what happens when your self rules?

Self-pity worships self rather than God.

All of our time, attention, and energy goes toward coddling ourselves, especially when we don’t get our way. We spend every moment protecting and boosting ourselves up, rather than professing God. Self-pity manipulates others into agreeing with us even if what has happened to us was our fault. All eyes are on us and if people won’t help or heal us, we become more saddened and enraged. We want people to agree with our suffering, so that we can feel justified in our pity.

Self-pity makes us emotionally unstable.

We may have done something wrong and now we're wallowing in self-pity. Someone may have hurt us in the past and now we can’t even function in their presence. We cringe, cry, huff, puff, and complain. Then we smile in their faces, (faking our hurt), yet have unforgiveness in our hearts. We start to harbor bitterness because others are not as upset about an injustice that may or may not have even happened, all because we feel entitled to the best treatment. Self is an emotional manipulator. We're feeling good one day, then something happens and we're down in the dumps on misery street. Those around us become exhausted trying to keep up with our inconsistent emotions.

God has EXALTED us over our old selves.

We know that our old self was crucified with him in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing, so that we would no longer be enslaved to sin” (Romans 6:6). Just because unfavorable things have happened (we didn’t get the job, he broke up with or doesn’t notice us, our children end up in jail, we're still single at 40, we made what seems to be a horrible mistake, our plans didn’t work out) it doesn’t give us the right to sulk and hide our faces. This is a temporary life and we’re just here on assignment, so let’s not become forever enslaved by things that won’t last. Why worship the back-story of our lives rather than worshiping the One who can re-write our story? The Holy Spirit should rule us, not our emotions. He produces fruit that loves, has joy, is peaceful, gentle, good, faithful, meek, and well-tempered. He doesn’t go emotionally awry because he's holding on to hurt, pain, and regret.

We have been exalted over self-pity, no longer ruled by fleshly-ever-changing emotions which won't submit to God! Even when things go wrong, we know standing with God is still right! So, let's stand up exalted versus throwing temper tantrums and pity parties because of self! On Christ, the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand...

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  1. This was very timely for me on today. I wallow sometimes in my own mess and get mad when other people don't see it like I do because it hurts. I need to apologize to a few people I have hurt by my actions.

    1. Lilly, thank you so much for sharing with us. It takes grace and vulnerability to open up and say how things really are in our lives. Just like us, we've gotten upset when people don't see things our way and then have to turn around and apologize. That's a gift of God that He's placed with you to want to rectify any hurts you may have caused. Our prayers are with you as you come out of wallowing in self-pity and truly allow the Spirit to control your emotions. May God bless you Lilly!

  2. I like this ladies...this is the truth and while i have dealt with self pity i never looked at it as unpleasant to God because i was wrapped in me and not professing his word! Lord please forgive me!

    1. Hey Nedra!

      It's good to hear from you! Yes, sometimes we fall into fits of self-pity, BUT GOD! He has exalted us over those emotions that are ever changing. You know this message had to hit us first, so we too have dealt with this and always want to make sure we're worshipping God and not ourselves! It's easy to fall into the trap because satan is always busy, but the word says Christ has defeated him! May you continue Believing You Are Exalted!! We'll be praying with and for you!

  3. Something I have been guilty of is saying "God why me?" I would say "why Lord... why am I going through what I'm going through". Now that I've grown a little and I look through my experiences... I am thankful to God for all of my experiences because it is because of those experiences that I am better able to handle the newer experiences and encourage those who are going through something that I have experienced. So every time I think of pouting or having a pity party, I keep that in mind and with that encouragement I continue to move forward! Thank you Lord for choosing me!

    1. That is a very profound and honest perspective. When we look at our experiences as growth moments instead of hardships, we are able to thank God along the way! We will continue to lift you up in prayer in your Thank You Lord moments! We are glad you are swapping with us!


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