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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jessica Tolliver brings us another beautiful poetic piece that is sure to remind us to make the most of every moment and to live exalted lives for the Master! 

Gone Too Soon

An opportunity for salvation,
Lifting myself from filth and degradation
A chance to break free
A home in blessed eternity

For the only man that died for me
Drowning in the rough waves of my own iniquity
All my chances gone too soon.

Clipped wings to prevent my flight
Darkness creeping into my marvelous light
As I try to fight the Evil One's advances with all my spiritual might
He persuades me to go left when my desire is to do right
All my good intentions gone too soon.

Unworthy of all my Lord's blessings
Lessening myself to receive all of His gifts
Pressing always to the mark of Christ's high calling
Gratitude for your grace and mercy is what I'm continually professing
Thank you for obsessing over me as your child
A soul that had been long since reviled,
A daughter gone to Sodom to run completely wild
All my opportunities for forgiveness gone too soon.

But praise Him because He is forever my shelter in the storm
He's my cover to keep me warm
The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end
My brother, my father AND my closest friend
He will never leave me fearful or alone
He washes me with His blood and protects my every bone
All the love He had shown is never gone too soon
His mercies endureth forever.

Let amazing grace carry me to higher ground and to You.

~Jessica Tolliver

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  1. Awesomely written! May I have permission to use this in my Aunt's funeral?

    1. Hello A Dula,

      Jessica gives her permission to use her poem for your aunt's homegoing celebration! She would love to have your name and email so she could be in contact with you! We'll be praying for you during your loss and hereafter. May she rest peacefully!


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