Believest Thou Are Virtuous (Part 1)

Monday, November 03, 2014

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”
(Proverbs 31:10)

Altered Ego

How many times have you woken up and felt like you could conquer the world? Maybe you felt like Superwoman and nothing could stop you from achieving every task on your to-do list. Perhaps there’s a Superwoman in your life that you can’t seem to measure up to. In whatever scenario of Superwoman you find yourself, we must let her go. We must realize that Superwoman’s accomplishments, no matter how great they may seem, can’t compare to our exceedingly priceless worth in Christ!

That’s right! Christ's sacrifice has put an immeasurable value upon us as virtuous women.

A virtuous woman by definition is noble, skillful, and full of substance, bravery, and strength. However, before her list of accomplishments were ever mentioned one of the first things said about the virtuous woman was her worth. The writer says her price (or her value) is far above rubies. The virtuous woman is a woman of worth! And before any woman becomes a wife, mother, or business owner (or even if God never calls her to either of these roles) she must appreciate her worth and place that higher than anything she’s ever done!

A woman who doesn’t know her worth ends up pretending to be Superwoman.

You see the problem with Superwoman was that she was the alter ego of Lois Lane, of the fictional DC Comics series. An alter ego is an attitude or character that you create and present to the world in order to cover up who you really are. Behind the cape and the spandex tights, Superwoman was a quiet, overlooked journalist for the Daily Planet newspaper. Superwoman was the alter ego of a woman who desired to be someone other than herself. She wanted attention, power, fame, and fortune, so she disguised herself in a mask, cape, and sex appeal in order to fool those around her. Her altered ego gave the appearance of super strength, super speed, and super power.

Are we hiding behind an alter ego? 

Sometimes when we don’t like the lives we have, we pretend to be someone else. We turn into Superwomen and develop these phony powers and assume a two-faced role to the world. We hide behind our 40+ hours a week work schedules, we cover up our insecurities with make-up and expensive clothes, we frantically try to cook the healthiest meals from recipes we’ve gathered from Pinterest, we boast about all the church committees we lead, we proclaim that we're single, saved, and satisfied, we brag about how we’re the savviest employee, mother to the most well-behaved children and wife to the most supportive husband, but behind the mask of all these accomplishments, we’re actually overwhelmed, bitter, depressed, spiritually famished, and hurting inside. We feel ashamed to show this side of ourselves for fear that we'll be judged for not being good enough or super women. So what happens, our alter ego takes over and we morph into a facade.

A Superwoman likes to boast that she can do everything without working up a sweat or getting burnt out. She wants the world to notice her accomplishments, not that she gets weak, tired, questions God, or gets angry sometimes. However, the virtuous woman knows that she can't do it alone and gives God all the glory for working through her. She recognizes that through the knowledge of the Spirit she excels. She knows that she may get weak, but God's strength is made perfect in her weakness. She's been angry before, but she tries her best not to act out her anger sinfully. The virtuous woman boasts that her worth comes from the Lord, not in how perfectly she presents herself to the world.

Who’s your alter ego?

The virtuous woman has many things on her plate, but it’s okay if she doesn’t meet everyone of them – perfectly. The virtuous woman has to pay bills, but she doesn’t compromise her morals to make ends meet. The virtuous woman desires love, but she doesn’t give in to temptation just because she wants intimacy. The virtuous woman has gone through trials, but she doesn't cover up or numb her pain with medications or risky or obsessive behaviors. The virtuous woman is a woman of worth!

It isn’t that the virtuous woman in the passage was able to do it all, it was that she knew her value in God and put her trust in Him to work through her. Superwoman is a fantasy creation, an alter ego, a figment of Lois Lane’s imagination. The Virtuous woman is true, noble, honest about her emotions, and she's God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works!

Who will you present to the world today?

Questions for Reflection

1. Who is your alter ego? Are you hiding behind a know-it-all, do-it-all Superwoman?
2. What or who do you measure your worth against? (For example, a more successful sister in the church, a more skillful sibling, a married friend with children?)
3. Believest Thou Are Virtuous? Why are you sometimes afraid to show that you may not always have it all together?  How will you let go of the Superwoman tendency to cover up the real you?

Thank you:

For each of you that have taken this journey with us, we thank you and are praying for you. We’re praying for your strength as you daily let go of superwoman in order to be the virtuous woman God created you to be! Feel free to share your comments on "Altered Ego" below. We'd love to hear from you! Also, swap this lesson with others and encourage them to grow with us!

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  1. Once again God delivered a message for me. Have I shared how much I love this ministry. Eye opening as if this message was in my head. I have been struggling with my identity in the area of how to be a good wife and mother along with everything else in life. I fret at the thought of anyone seeing me any differently than super. I must admit that my heart gets heavy daily from the exhaustion. I know that it will take work but I will drop the superwoman crisis I battle. Women for the lord, thank you for the message.

    1. We thank you so much for sharing with us. God is definitely a builder up of women and a lifter of our heads! In Him we do not have to feel less than because we're not performing the way we think others expect us to perform. If you're serving Him in your duties as a wife and mother, He will reward you for your efforts. Our prayer is that you will continue to see your worth in Him, that you'll put off the tendencies and crises of Superwoman to cover up and that you lay your burdens of exhaustion on the Father who can handle it better than you can! Again, we are encouraged to know you are blessed through this ministry! Thanks for swapping with us! Believest Thou Are Virtuous! We love you too!


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