Believest Thou Are Virtuous (Part 2)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ask and it shall be given...for everyone who asks receives.” (Matthew 7:7,8)


The phrase, can I get a hand is usually an expression we hear when a preacher makes a good point in a sermon that he feels deserves applaud or notice. You may have heard them say, can I get a handclap, can I get an amen?! But rarely is this a question that a Superwoman asks.

Matthew 7:7 says “ask and it shall be given,” yet so many times we as Superwomen dare not open our mouths and solicit help because it may make us look weak, incompetent, unenlightened, or inexperienced. However, we must let go of our pride and our assumption of how it will look if we ask for help.

We weren’t placed here to live this life alone. God created us for community, he created us to love and support each other. Trying to do it all rejects God’s notion of community:

And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” (Genesis 2:18)
And they, continually daily with one accord, in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart." (Acts 2:46)

Do we honestly think the virtuous woman considered a field to purchase without talking it out with someone or asking someone to pray for her decision? Do we think she knew exactly how to care for her family, support and love her husband without receiving insight and help from other wives and mothers? She even had maidens who lived with her to help and support her (Proverbs 21:15).

Every virtuous woman knows the importance of having a sister/husband/friend/accountability partner whom she can rely on from time to time.

Your S.A.P. or Spiritual Accountability Partner knows that you’re not Superwoman. She or he has seen you fall and get back up. They’ve seen you at your worst, and even at your best, and have been there to lend a hand when you need it.

Most times your S.A.P will know when you need a little help, recognizing your signs of being stressed out (when you snap at people or when you can’t make simple decisions) or recognizing if you’ve become burnt out (when you start crying over the smallest of things or start pulling your hair out trying to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’). But there may be times when others don't know, so we have to take a chance and ask for a hand. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and sometimes that means asking your husband, can you help change the diaper, can I get a hand with the dishes, can you help me with dinner tonight, etc.)? There is nothing un-virtuous about leaning on your husband for help.

The virtuous woman didn’t have superpowers to be able to do everything on her own; she was a woman who knew her power lies in fearing the Lord. A virtuous woman steps back and lets someone help her, because we all need someone in our corner who can say in love, “hey sister, you’re trying to do too much, you can’t do it all; let me help you with that.”

Superwoman takes on the world alone; a virtuous woman understands the verse, “bear ye one another’s burdens." Do you have a S.A.P. whom you can lean on? Would you be willing to ask, can I get a hand so you can receive the help you need before things start going awry?

Don’t be afraid or ashamed or too proud to ask today. You just might receive the supportive hand you need to live virtuously for the Lord!

Questions for Reflection

1. You're tired, worn out, and maybe even unsure of how to move forward; why haven't you asked for help?
2. In what areas could you use a little help (relationship/marital/financial advice, child-rearing advice, career questions, family/life transition questions, spiritual guidance)?
3. A virtuous woman has a S.A.P. (Spiritual Accountability Partner) in her life. Who will/could be your S.A.P.? Will you ask them to help you out today?

Thank you:

For each of you that have taken this journey with us, we thank you and are praying for you. We’re praying for your strength as you daily let go of superwoman in order to be the virtuous woman God created you to be! Feel free to share your comments on "Can I Get A Hand" below. We'd love to hear from you! Also, swap this lesson with others and encourage them to grow with us!

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  1. You all have seriously encouraged me today. I am full from this lesson! This was for me. Thank you sisters for obeying the Holy Spirit. I really can not thank God enough for the sisterhood that we have. Love you both DEARLY!!

    1. Aundie, we are so grateful that you have been encouraged! Before we write, before we post, before we speak, we ask God to give us the words to help someone on their journey! May you be encouraged through this lesson to not be afraid to speak up and speak out and ask the right people to help you! You are Virtuous!

  2. Another powerful lesson! I've learned so much from this lesson. There were a few points that stuck out to me; the first one was being stressed out, while going through a certain situation. One thing I started doing was snapping at people, and I knew this was not in my character, but when you're stressed out, you're not thinking clearly. I had to go back and apologize to those I've hurt. The second point was learning how to ask for help from others. I had a long talk with one of prayer partners and she let me know, there's nothing wrong with asking for help. As I type this, my tears are flowing, but I know my God has it all. My sisters I just want to say Thank you for all you do and for being my SAP. May God continue to bless your ministry..

    1. What a marvelous testimony of getting through those stressful times Debra and asking for forgiveness from those you hurt; praise God for your humility and bringing you through that tough period of your life. Your prayer partner was definitely right; never be ashamed to ask for help!! We're thankful that this lesson blessed your life sis and brought to your remembrance God's ultimate goodness! SAPs forever! God Bless you too!


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