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Monday, December 01, 2014

Jessica Tolliver shares another wonderful word with us on what and who we allow into our lives to either destroy us or to bless us. May you be encouraged by her poem below to always welcome Jesus into your heart!


Someone just came and stole all my stuff!
He opened my gate and walked right into my home
Like he had an open invitation to come any time.
He sat down and made himself comfortable because even though I shouted for him to get out,
My actions showed that I really wanted him there.
Every time I lied, I gave him slippers to walk around.
Every time I fornicated with a man I gave him another blanket to stay warm.
Every time I had a lustful or hateful thought, I made his bed.
Every time I let a friend go on her way without telling her about the saving power of Christ, I cooked another meal for him and his friends.
So one day, I got fed up and said "Enough! You've got to go!"

And I began to push him out with the love of the Holy Spirit,
Kindness towards my fellow man
And concern for my sister's and brothers.
He refused to leave, so I dragged him out with faithfulness in all I do and lastly, I locked the door with a thankful heart for all God has done for me.

You see, Jesus is the only one who has an open invitation into my heart.
He can come in anytime and I will gratefully receive Him
I run and cleave to Him and promise to always believe in Him
My promise is to never leave His side
Because after all my tears are dried
He still comforts me and takes my hand, so that with the Father I may coincide.
Sometimes I get fearful that the Devil will take my stuff again
But the Lord calms me by reminding me that there's not a friend like Him...

Some of us need to create an open invitation for Jesus
Allowing Him to stay everyday for your lifetime
Showing an example by living a heavenly life, not just quoting one
By handling strife with faith in Him, not just coating our pain with man-made cures
Jesus assures my safety, ensures my place in heaven and secures my salvation as long as I follow his will.
Jesus come on in to save my soul. You're always welcome here.

~Jessica Tolliver

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  1. Hello ladies...love.this! !! So true. ..Ms. Jessica you never cease to amaze me, this was awesome!

    1. Nedra,

      It was such a good word! We're glad Jessica keeps allowing the Spirit to use her so that she may bless more women just like you!


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