Testimony Tuesday

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” 
(Psalm 84:11)


When we get desperate enough to realize we need Jesus, we will begin to walk toward Him. Too often we treat God like He’s the reason for all we lack, when He is the Source of all we have. God doesn't hold on to the good things for Himself and make us beg for them; we want to share with you today, that we serve an Almighty, gracious, and giving God!

The truth is that, God gives grace, not just when we’re obeying His will, serving the homeless, loving the hard to love people, giving to charity, or teaching the gospel to the lost, but His grace has been given to us even when we doubt Him, when we’re broken, when we lie, when we mistreat our colleagues, friends, or families, when we’re money-hungry, impatient, or obsessed with being in a relationship. We can all think of a time when we know we weren't living like God would desire, but His grace was extended anyway and we were given time to turn our lives back toward Him!  

G R A C E is a good thing given to us by God!

Grace means favor, graciousness, beauty, and kindness. We didn't deserve it nor can we do enough to possess it on our own, but the Lord gives it. Even when we don’t recognize or acknowledge it, a good thing called grace wakes us, protects us, and motivates us every single day! In the midst of all the pain and trouble in this world, shouldn’t we be testifying of God’s grace? In the midst of the good, shouldn't we be celebrating because of His grace?

Grace is a good thing to testify about.

• We testify that the Father continually supplies our every need!
• We testify that we are dependent on God alone, not ourselves to make it through!
• We testify that we are spiritually deprived and destitute without Him and need Him every hour!
• We testify that grace saved us while we were yet in our sins!

The best part of wakin' up is not Folgers in your cup...it's the experience of God’s grace
It's the fresh outpouring of the Lord's graciousness on our lives.
It's the providence of God's divine intervention in our troubles.
It's the experience of a new good thing every morning...G R A C E.

Grace is a gift that we didn't have to ask for, so let's start testifying of how it has spared and shaped our lives. Let's testify of the Father's unlimited favor! Let's testify of His daily-rekindled kindness shown to all of us! One bold testimony of grace can blossom into so many more good things!

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