Truth Thursday

Thursday, January 22, 2015

And they all with one consent began to make excuse.” (Luke 14:18)


There is a great conflict between us and God. It’s not held in the hand, nor seen with the eye; it’s released from our hearts. The conflict is our excuses.

We’ve all made them. So much so, that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between an excuse and the truth. We become masters of excusing ourselves from duty. Someone may ask:

We’re a little short-handed could you teach in the nursery this morning? 
Well, I’ve never been good with kids and I don’t want the parents to judge me.
Could you bring a side item to the company potluck? 
Well, I can’t cook to everyone’s taste.
Why don’t you study your bible more?
Well, I’m working full time and I don’t have extra time for personal study.

In the scriptures, we read of many who made excuses in order to get away with doing something they shouldn’t have done or to get out of doing something they didn’t want to do.

Let’s Speak our Truth: We’ve all made some kind of excuse: Calling in sick so we can catch the deal buster savings at Macy’s. Refusing to teach certain Bible classes when in actuality we don’t want to be challenged. We even use our ministries as excuses as to why we won’t get involved in other outreach projects. When we speak our truth, we’re just like Adam and Eve pointing the blame for our own sin. When we speak our truth, we’re just like Moses, choosing our inadequacy over God’s ability. When we speak our truth, we’re comfortable making excuses because we feel we’re in control of our lives.

Let’s See THE Truth: We serve a God who was tempted, mocked, and tired just like us, yet He didn’t make excuses. THE Truth knows our weaknesses. His grace is made perfect in them, He doesn’t excuse us because of them. THE Truth didn’t make excuses for being young; He was about His Father’s business, teaching the elders in the synagogues. THE Truth is our example of trust, strength, and longsuffering; He didn’t give up or cop out on His purpose.

Let’s Be the Truth: When doubt rises in our minds, sometimes we make excuses; so let’s Be the Truth and exclaim, “I can and I will regardless of our circumstances.” Let’s Be the Truth and become a testimony of how God can use anyone to accomplish His purpose. Let’s Be the Truth and dismantle the conflict between us and the Lord by stepping out on faith and into our destiny!

Do you want to serve God, but don’t feel worthy? Do you want to do right, but don’t feel capable? Don’t make up an excuse; God didn’t create inadequacy, inability, or inferiority in us, so we should stop making excuses for why we feel we're not enough for Him! He can choose whomever He wants to get the job done, and yet, He chooses us! What a confidence booster! Let’s EX the excuses today, as to why we won’t serve Him, why we won’t forgive, and why we won’t try to let go of bitterness. Our God is able and will enable us to do mighty things!

It's time to Break Through Excuses and

Speak our Truth: We've come up with everything in the book to get out of doing one thing for God.
See THE Truth: Jesus acknowledged that it was not His will, but God's will that He was about.
Be the Truth: Let's follow God's dreams for our lives rather than the doubts in our minds.

This Truth Thursday, what’s your excuse and how will you break through?

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