Freedom Friday

Friday, April 17, 2015

But the word of God is not chained.” (2 Timothy 2:9)


We often tell ourselves and others...“I'm gonna always be this way.” “Things will never change/work out/get better for me.” We mistake oppression for a mere habitat or dwelling...a place to stay.

If we ever want to move to higher ground, we have to release this dreary outlook on life. We see in scripture where God may allow us to be in a place of wilderness for a period of time, however the wilderness is not our final destination. God allowed Jesus to be in the wilderness for 40 days, but He came out. Noah was in the ark, but He came out. The woman with the issue of blood was in the wilderness, but she came out. (Matthew 4:1-11, Genesis 7, Mark 5)

We are not supposed to stay in oppression. We are to come out because we are the called out!

We often stay in our pits because they are familiar to us. Let’s be honest, we stay because complacency gives us contentment. We become masters of keeping our mess going. We bring it up in every conversation; we find a reason to wallow in it when we don’t feel worthy; or it’s so ingrained in who we are, that it looms over us like a dark cloud. We’re covered in oppression. There are times when people come into our presence and leave oppressed because WE ARE OPPRESSED! This should not be so. What ever happened to the old saying, when people enter our presence (especially non-believers) that they should leave better than when they came?

Now hear us loud and clear, we’re not saying that children of God are exempt from hardships, temporary storms, sickness, stress, strain, and the like. What we are saying is that we are not called to stay in these predicaments. We’re not referring to the condition, but our mindset of oppression within the condition.

So, why do we stay?

  • For fear that we’ll just mess up again? 
  • Or we believe we’re not strong enough to go at it alone?  
  • The oppressed comfortable way is better than exposing the thorn?
  • We believe satan’s lie that our can’t-ever-get-right is where we're destined to be?

What happens is because we choose to stay, we can’t recognize the good if it was right in front of us. We’ll make up in our minds that we won't accept anything better. For example, you may have the credentials to apply for a better job but you will stay in a place of misery (and complain) because it's comfortable. You may be in a tumultuous marriage, but you keep refusing counseling, refusing to talk to the preacher, refusing to try a new approach to learning and appreciating your spouse. Some of you have been thinking about launching a business or writing a book, but yet you keep talking about it instead of doing something about it. Some of you have been contemplating moving, but come up with everything in the book as to why you NEED to stay. Some of you talk bad about yourself every single morning, yet you won't take the necessary steps to live a healthier life, because you're comfortable.

We’re not promoters of irrational behavior, (i.e., just because you may be reading this blog; we’re not saying quit your job, without proper thought or planning); but we are promoters of living in faith. We are to live our lives purposefully, not frivolously!

Oppression is the devil's influence and we welcome him into our lives when we refuse to move.

Ladies, it’s time to…

release the need to stay shackled in fears, criticisms, or regret!
release the need to stay shackled in shame!
release the need to stay oppressed!

Tell satan It’s Over!

Oppression isn't a final place. It’s the place where we recognize our need for the Savior.

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  1. LORD what a blessing a read this message because life can be just this way,Shackled to old not reaching out for New!!DEVIL MOVE OUT OF MY WAY,HERE I COME,I LOVE THIS INSPIRATION!!keep up the good work

    1. Ms. Juanita! We are so glad you enjoyed this message. We need that devil to MOVE out the way, so we can MOVE from oppression! He can't do nothing to us, that the Lord won't give us the strength to overcome...even our pasts! No more shackles!

      Love you!

    2. Indeed, LOVE you GIRLS SHACKLEFREEEEEE!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for ALL you do!!!

    Love you!

    1. We thank you Heather, for your love, support, and sisterhood! We pray this message was timely and inspirational for you!

      All for Him!

  3. This message rings true for so many people in the body including myself. This message is not only inspirational but also empowering! I am so thankful to belong in the same body as such wondeful sisters in Christ that you are. Thank you for the weekly doses of encouragement. God bless you.

    1. Monique,

      We're praying that you are having s fabulous day! Yes, as the Spirit started revealing the words to write for this message we were empowered as well! It's a wonderful thing to be connected by the blood of Jesus!! May you find comfort in many more lessons that the Lord gives us the strength and ability to write.


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