Testimony Tuesday

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” (Romans 7:15, ESV)


We can’t break through anything without faith! We can muster up all the strength within our bodies, but if we don’t first believe we can through Christ, we can’t.

It takes great faith to tackle our spiritual bullies (strongholds) head on. But with this great faith in God, and in His power to show up for us, we can defeat the very thing we never thought possible.

However, sometimes the greatest barrier to break through is self. We get in the way of our own deliverance through:

-  self-defeating shame statements
-  reliving and rehearsing past hurts
-  blaming others for our mess (or for not getting us out of our mess)
-  the list could go on…

Many of us may never experience the joy of sharing our testimony, because we’re too busy living our sob story.

People ask us how we’re doing, we reply, “things could be better…” People ask us about our goals and dreams, we reply, “dreaming is for sleeping, and goals are never reachable…” We get in our own way, because we can’t see nor believe there’s a better way. God is the only one who can bring about change in our lives, but we may never experience change if we won’t believe that the power rests in Him to issue it to us.

Do you want to experience a BREAKTHROUGH? Are you standing in your own way? What about “self,” is getting in the way? Is it failure to forgive yourself, or the possibility that you’ll succeed and you don’t know how to handle that pressure…what is it?

Once we begin to recognize that we could be the very culprits to our spiritual downfall, we can finally be lifted up from states of oppression. It’s time to tell satan It’s Over and stop standing in your own way of breaking through oppression!

Today, if you can stop what’s happening around you, stop it. If you can speak up or step out on an issue that’s been bothering you for years, speak up about it with boldness, and step out on it in victory! Don’t let a sob story keep you from sharing God’s story of triumph in your life!

Once you believe that God can change you, the devil won’t be able to rearrange you! 

There’s only one person who is capable of holding you back from experiencing the greatest testimony of deliverance; the choice is yours.... Don't get in your own way!

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  1. Wow I look forward to reading your messages daily because they really do uplift my spirit and FAITH!!Such a true example of how GOD let YOU both touch other people's lives,LOVE ALWAYS,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK


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