In The Loop: Breaking Through Watered-Down Gospel Living

Monday, June 01, 2015

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…” (Romans 1:16)


Many of us have heard it; others have not. Some of us fumble over it; others can quote it on the spot.

The gospel: that Jesus Christ died on the cross for us. He was buried in the tomb. Yet, He rose again, so that we may have access, through Him, to God and the promise of heaven.

But what does Jesus’ death so long ago have to do with our lives today?

Have you ever struggled with relating the gospel to your life? Are you disappointed with God? Has your family turned against you? Do you attend every bible class and worship, but are feeling disconnected and bored? Well, the grace, the truth, the forgiveness, the peace, and the love that was poured out on the cross can pour into your personal situation right now!

The message of the gospel is the very antidote to your everyday life problems and the problem of sin!

See, God foreknew early on that man would sin, and that this sin would separate us from Him (Isaiah 59:1-2). So, in order to give us access back to a right relationship with Him, He had to give up His only Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

When we refuse to break through watered down gospel living, there will be so many people who need the gospel, but never hear it; and so many of us who have the gospel, but never share it. However, the grace provided on the cross is relevant to us today and can be the motivation behind everything we do.

So, join us beginning June 8, 2015 for Mountain Moving Mondays and Midweek Push lessons guaranteed to break through the surface teaching and flimsy gospel living and reach right down into our very souls! We don't want to just quote it, we want to live it; and we don't want to just hold on to the saving message, we want to share it, so that others might be saved too!

We trust that when we start living our lives intentionally for Christ and stop playing around with our salvation, we can grow up in Christ! Our prayer is that some will give their lives to Christ this month, and that even the most introverted of us will find the courage to live out the gospel without fear.

Will you, sister, step off the porch of complacency?
Will you, sister, stop holding the gospel tight-fisted and begin to share it with others?
Will you, sister, step into the water and then go into the world and live boldly for God?

It’s TIME.

It’s time to Break Through Watered-Down Gospel Living and truly live with gusto, conviction, and purpose! We hope you’re ready because we are! So let’s get ready to grow together in the Lord! ☺

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