Mountain Moving Monday: Judge

Monday, June 08, 2015

Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (Matthew 7:1)

Word Study: Judge

The original meaning of judge in this verse is taken from the Greek word, Krino, which means to distinguish right or wrong, give an opinion on, call in question, to try, condemn, or punish.

Let’s look at the word judge in the scripture above to see how it applies to our lives.

How often have you found someone turned away because of your love for him or her? Rarely, right? So many people want love that they will go to great lengths to find it. It’s our love for people that attracts them to us. A loving hug, a truth taught in love; or forgiveness with love; these draw people in.

Yet, how often are people drawn to you when you judge them? How many people thank you for placing their reputation on the chopping block or assassinating their character in the midst of the church, workplace, or in your own families. Do they come running to you or do they run away from you?

Want to know how to hurt your witness? Judge the person to whom you’re witnessing.

Are we guilty of judging on appearance – “oh she’s ‘out there’ so she definitely needs the gospel?” People can pick up on our judgmental attitudes. When we assume that they won’t be restored because they’ve been astray for so long, we turn them away. When we boast about never messing up because we’ve been saved; we turn people away.

When Jesus wanted to get the world’s attention, He didn’t call out their faults. He recognized their hearts. He didn’t first call out their insufficiency without Him; He proclaimed who they were because of Him. Our Lord never won a soul by judging by appearance first; He always saw the soul and that soul’s great need for Him. He didn't get caught up in who people were, He just came to save the soul!

Can the same be said for us? Do we see the need or are we too busy calling out the sin? Are we too good and saved that we don’t stand in need of a Savior too? Jesus is our model. Let us show love. The Bible says that God is the Judge of us all (Hebrews 12:23), so let's stop holding up the process of salvation in other's lives and move out of His way.

The mountain that we’re moving today is our need to judge people before finding them worthy of God’s love. We move that mountain by showing compassion and remembering Paul’s words to the church in Corinth, “and such were some of you” (1 Corinthians 6:11). Let’s love people on their way to Jesus and allow Him to deal with their sin problem in the watery grave of baptism!


God could you teach us how to love like you do? Teach us that if we watch what you do, we can do it too. Father, we want to model Jesus in how He saw the heart of man and didn’t allow what the outer person looked like, did, or didn’t do prevent Him from showing true compassion. Lord, help us to understand people so that we may reach into their lives, where they are, and present the gospel to them. Help us to remember where we were outside of you, and lead people to Christ with humility. God, we want to learn to love more like you so remind us that every judgment that we try to pin on others will be the same that will judge us in the end. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

*Word definitions taken from the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance*

The purpose of S.W.A.P. Ministries is to encourage women to live, not just exist, and learn how to be bold about sharing the gospel of Christ to others.

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