Truth Tuesday

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2


Have you ever had to ask someone, what in heaven does that have to do with anything?

Maybe they said something off the wall or something that you felt they should have already known the answer to. It didn't have anything to do with anything. It was meaningless and vain! Have you been there?

Vanity comes from the word, vain, which means any thought, action, or speech that is of no use, or without purpose. Do the things we say and do add purpose to our lives or are we just living and wandering around without purpose?

We can find out by asking, what in heaven does that have to do with anything?

When you take a SelfiEvaluation of yourself do you find that you spend the bulk of your day concerned with things on this earth: Gas for the car, the kids’ extra-curricular activities, the right tie for your husband's job interview, super-plush-eyelash curlers, the preacher’s wife’s new outfit, or whether you’ll be accepted into school. These things, and many others, are of the earth. They may not be inherently wrong, but they are things we’ve given our full attention to that will someday pass away.

Is the fuss you’re making today going to be meaningful tomorrow? If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re worried and concerned about the wrong things. Our sights are always on things (and people) on the earth; and we pretty much allow the devil to distract us with useless "stuff" while we obsessively hold on for dear life! We've totally been there!

To break through vanity we must stop looking at life through earthly lenses.

Earthly lenses - what you see right in front of you (lost your job, can’t pay bills, no friends, bad hair days)

Spiritual lenses - what you know before IT happens (God will supply all your needs, He will never leave nor forsake you)

Spiritual lenses allow you to SEE through those earthly situations because you KNOW they are temporary. Spiritual lenses allow you to not only recognize the obstacles in your way, but they give you the ability to see through any insufficiency, inadequacy, or insecurity right through to God.

Don't you want to look past your problems and see His promises?

There comes a time in life where we must rise above our circumstances by setting our minds on things above. In this position, we can see our life as Jesus would. WWJS? Ask yourself, What Would Jesus See?

The next time you find yourself crying in front of a mirror: WWJS?
The next time you're having a mental breakdown because you’re overly consumed with someone else's opinion of you: WWJS?
The next time the male supervisors on your job get the special treatment, while you, the only female supervisor, gets the extra work: WWJS?  
The next time you're overlooked because you don't dress the part: WWJS?

What Would Jesus See in my situation right now? He would see beyond earth and see the heavenly good prepared for you! 

It's time to stop hanging on to issues that beset you, people that hurt you, and opportunities that passed you by. In vain, you’ve given these people and issues power over you. But they are earthly, not eternal! They are not our Father; they are fleeting. They are not devoted to you; they are a distraction. We cannot hold on to earth and expect to get into heaven. We will have to let one of them go.

This Truth Tuesday, remember: what in heaven does what you’re about to say, do, feel, waddle in, exert, pretend to enjoy, sulk about, lie about, allow into your spirit, or give up have to do with anything?

If the purpose of God is no where tied to it; it's meaningless and it must be let go!

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