Truth Tuesday

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed...” (Romans 12:2)


We’ve all heard it said that chameleons change their colors in order to blend in with their surroundings; however, research has shown that they change colors in order to reflect their moods and to communicate. This tint transformation gives off a visual signal of how they’re feeling.

When we start camouflaging ourselves or changing our colors what message are we sending? Are we always the color of fear? Are we consistently in a mood of anger? Do we always look bitter; sound worthless, or send self-pity signals? When people come around us will they be consumed by the vibrant shade of a negative disposition?

Let’s be real, we change colors so much that we don’t even know who the authentic us is! And who is this authentic self? In Christ, it is the person of the Spirit activated within us. It is the woman who fears and praises the Lord. It is the woman who doesn’t give up or change with every contrary wind that blows.

Is this who you really are or are you always morphing back into the old woman of sin?

When we get into our social huddles at work we change into the gossip color. When we’re heading up a certain ministry we convert to the pride color. When we’re chatting with friends over coffee, we change to the color of comparison. Or maybe you’re one who wants to blend in so you can plan your sneak attack; gathering all the information you can on others so you can use it against them. The word says, beware of wolves who come in among the sheep…you might be the wolf, taking on the color of deceit!

We shouldn’t conform to outside influences of the world; outside influences should submit to us because of who we are in Christ - women, transformed into His image.

Transformation is different from editing.

In most of the selfies that we post, we’ve cropped out unwanted backgrounds, changed the hue, put a little blur around the edges, or switched the saturation and contrast for a sharper image to create the perfect photo. Editing is a constant fixing or tweaking of something that can't be fixed completely. However, these edits only cover up; they don’t replace the transformation which takes place within.

What are you trying to crop out of your background, cover up, and blur so that people won’t see the authentic you? What has made you so ashamed of being who God called you to be? Do you think you will be ridiculed if you start to stand out instead of blend in with the crowd?

When God transforms us it's from the inside out; He removes the toxic stuff that makes us feel unworthy and replaces it with the love of His Spirit (Romans 5:5). His transformation gives us everlasting peace. We may go through storms, but our trust in Him sees us through them all.

To be authentic, our color should be constant, whether we’re in the classroom, board room, or ladies room! To be authentic, we should brighten up a place with the love and power of Christ, not remain the constant shade of blue. Is life going to always be peachy? Of course not, but we can’t just keep changing colors either without letting God’s transforming work within make us new, fixed, and focused creations!

This Truth Thursday remember: People will see your true colors shining through when you start conforming to the way they do things. What message will your authentic self, send?

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