Truth Tuesday

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Clothe yourself with splendor and majesty. In your majesty ride forth victoriously in behalf of truth, humility and righteousness.” (Psalm 45:3-4, NIV)


Recently, Serena Williams got a lot of flack after her Grand Slam tennis win. She was the recipient of many body-shaming comments and her appearance was appraised for having what critics called a frame “built like a man,” which in turn, made her “dominate” on the court and overpower other tennis players with otherwise smaller frames. It wasn’t her practice, her performance, or her passion for Jehovah God, which led to her victory, but rather her built, toned, almost masculine body that brought her victory...they said

The rebuttal were pictures of Serena in scantily clad dresses, with phrases such as “now, this is a real woman,” “all woman,” or “sexy and sophisticated, etc.” What many lost sight of, was even though pictures circulated with Serena in some elegant, classy dresses and other more revealing, form-fitting outfits, the focus was still on her looks. Her body was still the center of a social media frenzy that lasted for about a week or so.

Serena, however, is unapologetic about her physique and still remains giddy with her celebratory twirls and gracious with her honor to God.

We mention this beauty-rama-saga about Serena because as women, what is seen first and foremost is our outward appearance. We will be judged harshly. We will be ridiculed. We may even be emulated and imitated, but what’s most important is if we radically proclaim a beauty that comes from within!

Loving ourselves regardless of what others think of us is more radical than being acquiescent to who we think they want us to be.

People’s opinions about you will change. Today, they may see you and say many nice things to you and about you; but tomorrow, they may be critical, calling you conceited or materialistic.

The radical self knows that she is beautiful and doesn’t apologize for it. The radical self won’t blend in nor keep with the status quo, but rather she will challenge the world’s idea of beauty.

Her inner aesthetic makes her outward beauty appealing because it’s backed with confidence; laced with truth and grace; and mingled with majesty.

She knows why she dresses the way she does; and it’s not to always receive compliments from others. She’s intentional, confident, financially savvy, and inspiring. And just because she says thank you to a compliment it doesn’t make her conceited. She knows her beauty shines from within and she just can’t keep quiet about that!

We understand that some women may fish for compliments in order to boost their self-esteem and worth. This isn’t about that woman. There may be someone reading this who is uncomfortable with people (mainly other women) commenting on her outward appearance. She may be getting overwhelmed with catcalls, office whispers, and snide comments. It’s okay, as a woman – as a child of God – to be bold and let others know that you’re more than your clothes, your hair, and your shoes.

Many of us would rather you get to know us rather than getting to know what stores we shop at, what hair products we use, or our favorite skin care line; we’d rather you extend past the surface and really get to know who we are outside of outward enhancements.

This Truth Thursday remember: The radical self doesn’t fit in or blend in with society. She won’t look like every other woman. The radical self, unapologetically, conforms to the truth of God’s word, not to world’s standard of beauty.

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