Transformational Thursday

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A generational curse is not God putting a jinx or a spell on your family; but rather it is the consequences of unhealthy traditions passed down from one generation to the next. These actions lead to sin, which separate us from God.

 “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” 
(Philippians 2:12)

Transformational Thursday: Rejection of God

You may be familiar with the song, “Jesus is on the main line, tell Him what you want.” Or if that one doesn’t ring a bell have you heard, “Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right?

These songs may be familiar to many bible-believing Jesus followers, but to someone who rejects God, why would they want to talk to Him about anything?

These last few weeks we’ve been Breaking Through Generational Curses and each lesson there has been a tie in to Jesus. We’ve intentionally mentioned the Son of God because we believe that Jesus is the cure for the curse. It would be impossible for someone who does not have or even want a relationship with Jesus to get the cure.

Only the woman who has admitted her sickness gets the antidote for healing.

The one who’s rejected Jesus can’t tell Him what she wants and expect Him to hear if she hasn’t first accepted Him. She can’t truly sing “have a little talk with Jesus” if she isn’t willing to obey what He’s trying to talk to her about in His word.

Maybe you’ve said, well God knows my heart; this is true, but just because God hears and knows everything it doesn’t mean He’s going to act on your behalf. He cannot hear (give attention to) a sinner’s prayer (John 9:31).

If we’re not obedient to Him, He won’t be compliant to our plea.

Maybe you’ve said, well grandmother prayed for and over me, so I know I’m saved. Grandma, nor mama, nor auntie, nor father can get you into heaven. We have to stop rejecting God and expecting to get into heaven on someone else’s faith and begin working out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12)!

We’ve all suffered from some condition of which we needed healing and if you have (or are) rejecting God, it’s time to break the generational curse! Once we realize that rejecting God is rejecting our cure, we will begin to change.

If you want to identify the generational curse of rejecting God, ask yourself:

1) Am I trying to get by on good intentions? 

You may give to the homeless every day on your way to work, volunteer at soup kitchens, help at the back-to-school community events, but your good intentions won’t help you get in (Matthew 7:21-23)! Let’s look at Cornelius in Acts chapter 10, he was a devout man of good intentions, but he eventually had to make a change and put the Lord on in baptism. How is rejecting God working for you?

2) Have I had a negative experience with God or the church? Is it causing me to look at God in a different light? Had I not experienced that, what would my relationship with Him feel or look like?

You may have grown up in a family which felt “our way” is the best way; God and that church thing is not for us. Maybe you've said, my mom and my dad made it without Jesus and they’re pretty successful. So, why are you telling me that in order to break toxic relationships, poverty mindset, or negativity, that I have to all of a sudden choose Jesus when my family’s doing good without Him?

The scripture says if anyone loves mother or father, daughter or son more than me, he is not worthy of me (Matthew 10:37). There will come a time in your life when you will have to make the decision for yourself to follow after the Lord. It may not be celebrated at holiday get-togethers and you may feel like an outcast for doing the right thing; but what is most important is how you look in the sight of God.

3) Am I convinced that Jesus himself is not real? 

When a believer in God, tells you that the only way to break through generational curses is to get into Jesus, it may go in one ear and out of the other because of what you’ve experienced, heard, or witnessed among the church. But as long as you say you don’t need Him, the sicker you will become.

So many illnesses today do not manifest any physical symptoms. You may be feeling fine and then all of a sudden a small stomachache has you going in for major surgery. It’s because something was overlooked for so long that when it could no longer hide itself, it put you out in the open, into the hospital.

That’s how it is for many of us. We hide the lies that were told to us about God growing up; about how He isn’t real or that He’s unjust. We conceal the hurt that came from seeing a young sister or brother abused by the leadership in the church. We hold in our longing for connection although our family told us not to trust those “church people” who only wanted to help... Then we have a breakdown that will either put us in the hospital or open our eyes up to the truth of who God is. Why does it always have to be a traumatic event that causes us to turn to the Lord? What about having a sincere, willing, and open heart to want to know more about Jesus and the power of His resurrection? What about a curiosity in His word to find wisdom you never had? What about wanting to thank God for His love by accepting Him in faith and baptism to wash away the grime of sin in our lives? What about choosing to accept Him and not reject Him?

At this point, it’s time to take responsibility for what you are doing or not doing and become fully committed to Him today

You can’t keep hiding behind the “family church, family name, or the family way!” There’s something in every family that can keep us from choosing God. The problem plaguing our families could very well be our refusal to become a part of God’s family; we invite you to accept the cure. 

Will you break the generational curses in your family?

Once you identify what has been plaguing your family, you are responsible for breaking it…the cycle stops with you.

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  1. Thank so much for that lesson! That lesson reminded of all the times I heard and said that phrase, "God knows my heart". It also reminded me of what finally caused me to really think about that phrase and look at it with a different respect. The scripture that I refer to is found in James 2 where it speaks about faith being without works is surely dead. It goes on to say that even the Devils believe and tremble... but the thing that catches me in the heart is that faith without works is dead. That made me realize that believing but not acting accordingly makes my relationship with God questionable. I haven't been the same since that realization.

    1. Amen to that! We definitely can't grow if we're not willing to move! Great reminder that if you want to see change in your family, be the change and begin the process of breaking through the generational curses one by one, in the name of the Lord. We can because He did!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! Yes! We've learned over the years that we have to be honest about some things if we intend to grow in the Lord! This has been an eye-opening series on breaking generational curses as it touches the lives of so many who are close to us as well as ourselves! Glad you were encouraged Ms. Juanita and we do appreciate your continued support! Love ya now!


  3. Very profound Sisthas...
    Keep on doing what ya doing. God bless

    1. Thank so much Cynthia! It's a blessing to be covered by His grace and moved by His Spirit! Continue to pray for us as we pray for you and yours! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

    2. Amen Amen...
      God is awesome.
      You're welcome.. Love you ladies.


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