It's Time to Break Through the Victim Mentality

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Get up! Why have you fallen on your face?” (Joshua 7:10, ESV)

A major problem facing many of us is faulty, self-defeating thinking.

If challenges arise, we immediately begin to feel sorry for ourselves and slip into bouts of mental victimization. We live as if we have little to no control over what happens to us and expect others to nurture our hurt feelings.

When people have a victim mentality it’s not always because someone is causing them physical harm. It usually comes from a place of attention seeking, unworthiness, or selfishness.

Victim mentality is a spiritual illness established from one’s faulty perspective that everyone is out to get them. This spiritual illness can cause eternal trouble if not addressed.

It’s easy for the victim player to switch into passive and “poor me” mode instead of taking responsibility for their responses, their actions, or from other’s critique. The trouble with victim mentality is that others can’t speak to them in love without the victim going off the deep end, jumping head first into self-pity.

Have you known or been a person who was called out on behavior that was unseemly, unwise, or uncanny? Typically a person can take the message in love, not dwell on the hurt they felt in being called out, and will work to do a better job next time. The victim however, may immediately claim a sickness that needs to be catered to and comforted rather than taking responsibility for their actions. Now, instead of confronting the issue, the person who called out the behavior has to be gentle on the victim so as not to hurt their feelings, because they have this new issue that needs attention.

After a distressing defeat because of Achan who took of the accursed thing and hid it among the people of Israel (Joshua 7), Joshua fell upon his face in torment before the Lord. God told Joshua to get up from his position of distress in order to remind him of his covenant and to encourage him!

In order for the victim mentality to be broken, we must address the problem that is hidden within, get up from our pits of pity and tackle our battles head on.

Beginning Wednesday, September 9, 2015, through a series of Mountain Moving Mondays and Midweek Push lessons we will completely Break Through the Victim Mentality! These lessons will be for those who have found themselves in a spiritual victim mentality role, or for others who are manipulated into confirming the victim by affirming their symptoms.

Christ died for us to have overarching victory, not to become or play like victims. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:37)! That means we don’t merely win against satan, but we have complete possession of an all-surpassing, insurmountable, and unexplainable triumph in life! We totally wipe out the enemy!

We are conquerors! It’s time to get up off of our faces, begin to walk worthy, fight the good fight, and develop the mind of Christ! Join us on our movement to Break Through the Victim Mentality!
Disclaimer: We know that there are many women who are victimized and placed in situations where harm is inflicted upon them unjustly. We by no means want to say that you are playing the victim if acts of violence are being afflicted on you. We are addressing spiritual victim mentality, not a physical victim. If you are being victimized, please seek assistance from someone you trust and call the authorities as quickly and strategically as possible.

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