Breaking Through Meaningless Living: She Empowers Other Women to Glorify God

Friday, October 30, 2015

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

In a friendship as tight as the bond God sealed between us 10 years ago, it was only an amount of time before we heard about and were even called various phrases to describe our friendship. We were and still are deemed:

The troublemakers
The twins
The girls
The holy sisters
Thelma & Louise
The Dynamic Duo
The Besties
The Road Warriors
Sisters with a Purpose
The Soul sisters
Role Models
The gay girls (yep, that too...)

But, regardless of all those names, we call ourselves the female and modern day version of Jonathan and David in the Bible because we truly feel that we love each other as our own souls and encourage each other to live lives of purpose. Hey, we’re best friends in ministry together...what do you expect!

Do you have one? Do you have a ride-or-die chick in your life? One that’s always there when you need her, or if you’ve been a part for some time, can always seem to pick up where your left off? Do you have someone to make sure you're living for Christ and not for yourself? We’re that for each other and don't apologize for it! We worship together and serve the same Lord. So, we’ll often be seen together, especially at many spiritual events in our area.

We’re going somewhere with this so stay with us…

Recently, someone came up to Melanie and said, “something’s missing. Oh I can’t put my finger on it, ohhh umm, yeah, where is your shadow? You know you girls hang out a lot together, so where is your shadow, Shanita? Melanie begins to speak, saying, “I’m sure Shanita is around here somewhere, I was too busy fellowshipping with other sisters like yourself to even notice which way she went; then the lady says, well, I’m looking for a friendship like that. I want what y’all have!” Wasn’t sure if it was an insult or a compliment.

We were taken aback. A shadow. Out of all things. A shadow. Ok, that’s cute for little children who follow their parents around, but we’re grown women here!

A shadow is that dark place between a light source and an object or person. It’s sadly known as a barrier or an ominous or dark presence that looms behind a person. What was this lady getting at!

Sadly, we ruminated on that word shadow for a day or so. The last thing we want is to be a blockade to the True Light. We’re in this ministry not to reflect each other, but to be a reflection of Christ and empower other women to reflect and to glorify Him.

Empowerment is not about competition or comparison; it's about finding a connection that leads to the Savior.

The question we want to ask you today is, are we sometimes so consumed with trying to look like, accomplish, and accumulate the things that our sister-friends have that we are looking more like them and less like Christ?

Are we empowering women to glorify God in their lives? Are we endowing someone with power, boosting, encouraging, loving, leading, and listening as they glorify God in their lives, or do we judge them because of their gifts and their relationships?

As much as we (Melanie & Shanita) care for each other as sisters in Christ, we empower one another through daily and weekly challenges to make wiser decisions; we empower one another to try and eat healthy, to try new things, to be open minded and take risks. We empower one another to seek the knowledge of God and live it out with purpose.

A Sister With A Purpose will find more joy in empowering than in rejecting and disapproving her sisters. 

A Sister with A Purpose who empowers others to Glorify God does so by:

Acknowledging, not antagonizing
Boosting, not boasting
Confirming, not competing
Developing, not demoting
Enlightening, not excluding
Freeing, not forgetting,
Gracing, not gawking
Honoring, not hating
Instilling, not instigating
Journeying with, not joking about
Keeping up with, not kicking while she’s down
Loving, not loathing
Maintaining, not mistreating
Noticing, not neglecting
Opening arms, not oppressing
Praying for, not passing over
Qualifying, not quitting on
Respecting, not rebuking
Supporting, not suffocating
Teaching, not telling off
Understanding, not underestimating
Visiting, not violating
Welcoming, not wounding
eXtending, not eXpelling
Yearning to lean on, not yell at
Zealously lifting, not zapping

Melanie ended up telling that sister, hey girl if you desire friendship then by all means, go get it and pray for it, but never forget the friend who sticks closer than a brother or a sister... Jesus! And when you do finally find that friend, whenever you two get together in His name, remember He will be in the midst…empowering, encouraging, and establishing you in His great and mighty power.

This Freedom Friday, instead of being someone’s shadow, empower someone to desire a friendship that models Christ and glorifies the Father. Instead of competing with your sister and comparing what you have to what she has, empower her to look like Christ, by modeling Christ in your life. Remember that a sister with a purpose empowers other women, sisters, friends, and acquaintances to glorify God because her life reflects Him!

Questions for Reflection:

1. Are my relationships a reflection of my wants or what God wants?
2. Would people see God if they looked at my life?
3. How am I empowering others with my passion for Christ?

Scriptures to reflect on:

Ephesians 5:8 – “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light…

1 Peter 2:12 – “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us...”

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  1. Love this!!!! 100% :)

    1. Yes, Yes, Shameka!! We can never be ashamed of the friendships God has given us, ESPECIALLY when they were created to glorify Him and empower others! :)​


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