Breaking Through Meaningless Living

Monday, October 05, 2015

"For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." (Jeremiah 29:11, NASB)

Happy October! We are only two months away from ending 2015; wow, where has the time gone? As new seasons come naturally, we also experience new seasons, spiritually. You can get to the end of the year and feel like "I haven't done a thing this year," "I feel like I'm merely existing; not living," or "I still haven't found my purpose."
All of those statements revolve around one general idea, what am I doing with my life? Better yet, what would GOD have me to do with my life? 

No one wants to live their lives aimlessly, with no specific goal in mind! We want to see results, we want to experience joy, we want to feel useful, make a difference, and see great things happen in and around us!

Through this ministry, it is our goal to not only verbalize being a Sister With A Purpose, but to practice living as a Sister With A Purpose. Hey, and it's okay to be at a point where you identify that you may not know where you are in life; it actually means that you're seeking; and we know that when we start diligently seeking God and what He would have us to do, He begins to open our eyes and make clear His divine purpose for our lives!

So, join us starting October 9th, for a month of Freedom Fridays, as we discuss how to Break Through Meaningless Living and answer what it means to be A Sister With A Purpose or a SWAP?

October 9th - She lives her life on purpose.
October 16th - She lives her life with purpose.
October 23rd - She purposely glorifies God.
October 30th -  She empowers women to live their lives on purpose.

When you know that you are a Sister With A Purpose, you act differently! You think differently! You believe differently, because you know God made you different and you're okay with that! You know that God has great plans for your life and so you wake up each day trusting God, knowing that you're doing what He called you to do:

Living your life with the purpose of sharing the gospel, being an example of Jesus, sharing experiences and snatching lost souls from satan's grips.

It's Time to Break Through! ☺


Follow us on Facebook, on Instagram @swapministries, and don't forget we have an I AM A SISTER WITH A PURPOSE tee, so you can represent on the outside what you're trying to reflect from the inside: that you have a PURPOSE! 

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