2016 Spiritpreneurs: About Our Father's Business

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Clock in. Work. Clock Out.

The average American works a total of 40-47 hours a week. With 168 total hours a week, where would anyone have time to work for God seeing that you have to eat, sleep, get yourself (and the family) ready each day, drive in traffic, work everyday, and still have fun? We want to give you a fresh reminder, “With God all things are possible!”

The first recorded words of Jesus were, “Know ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” What did a 12-year old know about business and working?

Jesus, as the Son of God and the son of man, had to grow up in this world just like other boys; yet He grew up knowing the importance of the Holy Spirit. The Who? Yes, Him. The quiet one. The one we don’t talk about much in the God-Head. The Spirit of God…. The Holy Spirit is not a mystical ghost; He’s a friend, a helper, a prayer warrior, a comforter, a guide, and He knows everything! Jesus knew that if He was going to lead people to the Father, He would have to put in the work for the Father and listen to and be led by the Holy Spirit.

This same Spirit guides God’s daughters all over this world as they work for Him.

For 2016, we’re getting back in business! We’re turning our faith journeys into forever-lifestyles by being SPIRITpreneurs! You may be wondering is that like an entrepreneur? It's much better! If you read our MEET SWAP page we’ve defined a SPIRITpreneur in detail. Simply put, it’s about being about God’s Spiritual Business.

We’re allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our every thought, action, and direction all for the glory of God; regardless of what it may look like or if it’s accepted. We’re about to put in the work for the Master with the help of the SPIRIT!

Following the example of Jesus, He was always found taking risks which defied cultural norms and religious, man-made laws. He was about His Father’s business, because of the Spirit’s leading. Jesus had to boldly remind His parents of His purpose when they thought they had lost Him.

When people look for you, will they be able to find you lost in the world or taking care of the Father’s business like Jesus?

You don’t have to wait until you clock out of your secular job to be about your Father’s business; you can do it as you run your ministries, do business in the world, eat out, clean house, associate with friends and families, workout…by doing everything to the glory of God.

The devil is working overtime trying to catch you off the clock. It’s time for God’s girl to get back to work doing the things of the Lord! Join us in 2016 for SPIRITpreneur: About Our Father’s Business so that we can all continue growing and glowing together in the Lord! ☺

To start off our 2016 as SPIRITpreneurs, we would like to ask you to join us in January as we take a 31-Day Journey of WALKING WITH THE SPIRIT through the WORD. WE will read and write out some known and maybe less-familiar verses to get our minds in tune with who the Spirit of God is and what He does. We find that when we READ and WRITE God’s Word, it sticks! So, get your paper and pen, your journals, and get ready to spend some quality, quiet, and personal prayer time with the Lord! Please enjoy our video below as we share more in depth about our theme for next year and click here for your copy of the 31-Day Journey scriptures!

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