It's Time to Break Through "IT"

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

As we prepare to welcome another year, individually we may have different struggles, desires of our hearts, and unanswered prayers that we’re still dealing with and want to lay before the throne of God.

As you look back over the last 11 months, we've experienced breakthroughs in many areas, such as bitterness, hate, non-prayerful living, oppressed living, mental illness, watered-down gospel living, vanity, generational curses, victim mentality, meaningless living, and unthankfulness.

Even through all that has been taught this year, you may still be struggling to break through. Maybe it's your trust issues, your traumatizing experiences, the pain of being hurt by the church, whatever IT is, you know…and more importantly, God knows!

So, for the month of December, we invite you to join us in Breaking Through "IT" (you fill in the blank). Maybe it’s that “IT” that we have not addressed; that “IT” that is hindering you from drawing closer to God; that "IT" that is causing a deeper rift in your relationships; that "IT" that is torturing you mentally everyday; put that “IT” in the blank and get ready to break through!

Because everyone’s it may be different, this month you'll receive several video messages of encouragement that we hope may touch you in a spiritual way towards your BREAK THROUGH. Just because you haven’t gotten over your IT yet, it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed or that God loves you any less. Our Father is longsuffering and willing to help us when we sincerely and humbly turn over our hearts to Him. Are you ready to break through it?

We're preparing for a New Year by personally addressing individual mountains that need to be moved! May you be encouraged to BREAK that "IT" with God's word, prayer, discussion, support groups, etc.

Feel free to let us know what you're breaking through this month and we will pray specifically with and for you, as we get ready to grow together in the Lord! ☺

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