Mountain Moving Monday: Filled

Monday, February 01, 2016

Do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Holy Spirit.”
(Ephesians 5:18)

Word Study: Filled

The original meaning of filled in this verse is taken from the Greek word, Pleroo, which means to be well-supplied with something, full, to cram, level, pressure, under the influence of, accomplish fully.

Let’s look at the word filled in the scripture above to see how it applies to our lives.

When I (Melanie) was 15, I was in a very mature relationship with a guy who was 7 years older than me. I was influenced by the good looks, the good game he could talk, his height, the fact that he could rap, play a little basketball, and he was even a Christian; however something wasn’t right.

For years, I allowed myself to follow hard after this guy and I wouldn’t make my own decisions. If I knew talking about my friends would irk him, I would keep quiet. If he wanted to do things together, I would oblige. If my household had problems, I would run to him for comfort and peace to detach.

Even though the relationship itself was not good for a young Christian woman, I was under the influence. However something in my spirit kept reminding me that something was off.  

The church that Paul was addressing in Ephesus was under the influence. Where my mountain was a relationship; their mountain was drunkenness and they were turning to the bottle, rather than being filled with the Spirit to deal with life. Have you been there? Craving a drink to calm your nerves or de-stress after a long day or to detach from people or problems in your home? Have you turned to people for comfort, rather than casting your cares on the Lord?

Instead of being filled with the Spirit, the drink and even people often influence us (Psalm 94:19, John 16:33, 1 Peter 5:7).

When we think about being filled with the Holy Spirit, we often envision a glass being filled up, which is okay, as it also implies to level or cram to the full. Being filled here is described as a pressure or force that moves us. The Spirit can move us in directions we’ve never imagined; which includes over mountains, which attempt to steal our success; or relationships meant to keep us stunted in shame.

The Christian woman after God’s heart isn’t motivated by her own desires, she is vulnerable to the Spirit’s leading and allows Him to carry her in the proper directions that will move her closer to the Father and toward her goals!

In the above example, the more I gave myself to that relationship, the more it influenced me to engage in unhealthy actions. My mountain was a relationship that I couldn’t move because I wasn’t allowing the Holy Spirit to influence my decisions or direction.

Neither drinking nor being in relationships are sinful; however, when they become the pressure which steer our emotions in unhealthy directions they become sin for us. In our spiritual lives we are commanded to yield to the total control of the Holy Spirit so that every emotion, thought, and act of the will is under divine delegation and direction.

What mountain of influence do you need to move today? Is something or someone stunting your spiritual growth? When you surrender to the control of God’s Spirit, He will produce wonderful things in you and take you places you never imagined! If you're feeling empty, He's available to fill you!

Prayer Reflection:

Father, help me to be filled with your Spirit so that you can carry me in directions that make you happy. May I be influenced by your divine power and not my own emotions or desires. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

2 Timothy 2:15 ☺

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