Praying in the Spirit

Friday, May 06, 2016

"Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)

To our sister who is struggling and stressing...pray with us. 

God, we come before You right now thankful for a new day. We acknowledge that You have breathed life into our bodies. You created us; You, Lord, are our maker. God, for every woman reading this prayer right now who is struggling with decision making, finances, her marriage, with loneliness, with fear, with sadness and depression, with loss of a relationship, with self defeat...we ask that You touch and comfort her right now. Lord, we ask that You ease her mind and allow her to put her complete trust in You! We ask You, Father, to give her vision and hope to understand the Holy Spirit and to be led by Him. God, may You open up doors of opportunity for her and her family. May You grant healing of her infirmities. 

Lord, we ask that You give her power over fear and self-control over temptations. God, we pray believing that her struggles, and our struggles and stresses, are temporary. Father, help each of us to know that You are the Captain of our lives and with You we can weather any storm. Father, forgive us for every time we have doubted You because we failed to believe in ourselves. Lord, forgive us for choosing worry over worship, and pain over praise. God, we are vulnerable right now, before You asking for restoration of our minds, our hearts, and our souls. 

We ask that Your word ignite us like the sun lights the earth. We ask that Your word cleanses us like the rain cleanses the earth. God, we ask that Your word guides us like a compass gives direction. We need You God. We are lost without You. Lord, we ask that we not grieve the Holy Spirit, but rather be open and receptive to the guidance that is sent from You. 

Lord, today we are choosing You. We acknowledge that there are days when we choose other people or even our own way, but today, we break that negative stronghold of rebellion and seek You. 

God, for the woman who needs a spiritual pick me up, may she reach down in her memory bank and recall everything You have brought her through. May she remember the day You allowed her to spiritually walk on water. May she remember the day You parted the Red Sea in her life. May she remember the day You called her daughter and made her whole. May she always remember the sacrifice made on the cross that forgives her of her sins. May she realize in Christ Jesus she is no longer condemned. 

In Jesus' Name, Amen. 

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  1. In Jesus name!
    WOW ��.... What a prayer, I am touched!!
    Glory to God
    Praise the Lord

    Thanks Sisters, and have a blessed, peaceful and joy filled weekend.

    1. Amen! God is definitely the power behind these words. Thank you Joy! God bless you and we pray your mother's day has been wonderful! We love you :)

  2. Thank you S.W.A.P. sisters for that beautiful prayer, just what the doctor ordered, love ya'll, Be Blessed

    1. Thank you for that encouragement!! He's an On-Time God! Yes HE IS...OHHH OHHH OHH! God is Shonuff good, all the time!


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