Trusting the Holy Spirit: The Technique

Monday, July 11, 2016

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)


You generally know when your heart isn’t in something.

You may be tired and drained, so you give half effort. You may not like how things look, so you complain. You may come up with every excuse in the book when your heart simply isn't in a particular task. 

When it comes to trusting the Lord, is your heart in it

Perhaps you're tired of the same old messages that do not prick your soul. It could be the way they set up the ministries at church and you thought you would be called on to be apart, but they didn't once think to involve you. This sort of thing leads to a broken heart that's afraid to trust.

Now are we saying that it's best to gauge your willingness to trust God primarily on how others treat you or on lost expectations? Of course not! We need the knowledge to remind us that experiences are the greatest teachers.

What's helped us is recognizing that "with all your heart" means with all of your intellect, with all your center, with all your understanding and with all your brokenheartedness. To trust is to give over something in order to experience confidence from the One who can give you everything. 

The technique is acknowledging what we put our heart in or on or give our hearts to.

God knew that His children would sometimes suffer in silence because of the fear that comes with trusting another being; so He sent His Comforter. What's at your center, is it joy, thankfulness, adoration. Trust God by giving it to Him today. It won't return back because of Him.

Questions for Reflection

1) What is God trying to tell me about my inability to trust?
2) What sorts of things or people do I give my heart to willingly?
3) Have I given up on God? Is my heart really in it?

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