Happy New Year 2017: REVIVE!

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Good Morning SWAPs!

Happy New Year! I know we’re 3 days in, but it’s still celebrating time because I trust that the LORD has great things in store for His children, and those who desire to become His! We serve a timeless God and each and every year, I encounter new lessons that help me grow in my personal life, as a women’s ministry leader, so that you may receive new tools from God’s Word on how to live in His divine purpose!

2017 will be no different!

With any new year, I anticipate growth in the midst of change and perseverance in the midst of trial, welcoming whatever comes with a "with God all things are possible" mindset (Luke 1:37)! I trust that He can revive me when satan tries to revile me!

As a ministry, I have prepared for change. This year SWAP will be implementing a few content changes. Check out the many types of SWAP Offerings if you’re not familiar, however, I will not post as dramatically as has been done in the past. I believe that less is more and feel this route will (1) aid my fellow SWAPs in grasping scripture with greater depth versus skipping from topic to topic so rapidly and (2) help the ministry remain streamlined and focused on that greater goal of bringing more souls to Christ. I will, though, use these offerings as a springboard for our lessons, as the Spirit guides me! S.W.A.P. Expressions will now be utilized to highlight my gift of poetry and to showcase how our various talents can be used to glorify God. He can use even you to share Jesus with the world! Trust Him and see!

With content change, there will also be a transition in our leadership. In 2016, Shanita began to embark upon some new projects and felt as though her contributions to the ministry were taking a backburner due to time constraints. With that being said, she has decided in the best interest of the ministry to step down as one our Founders/Ministry Leaders. Of course our friendship and bond will always remain; so no worries there. ☺ I am grateful for all she has done, contributed, and the unmatched value she added to SWAP Ministries! I look forward to seeing what God does through her as she embarks upon new journeys. For the time being, the ministry name will remain the same, because we are all sisters with the same purpose of bringing hope, healing, and purpose to the lives of women and helping them to be bold about sharing Christ with the world.

This leads us to our theme for 2017! With all of this change comes the need for revival and this year we’re pleading with God, like David did many years ago, to REVIVE us!

Then we shall not turn back from You; Revive us, and we will call upon Your name.” 
(Psalm 80:18, NASB)

2016 tried to take you out, but God had something else in mind! He is ready with hands outstretched for a people desiring to be revived. Join many other women this month as we dive into some THANKFUL THURSDAY messages on REVIVAL! What does it even mean to be revived? You know how to keep up with SWAP; subscribe for FREE and retrieve your message in your email inbox and find out how you can be revived!

Look for REVIVE US AGAIN in your inbox this Thursday and remember this ministry is nothing without you! It can’t go on unless there’s women like you who want to see it thrive! 
You are loved! ☺

~Melanie Joyce Johnson~

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