Meet S.W.A.P.

So what is S.W.A.P.? S.W.A.P. stands for Sisters With A Purpose! I am Christian Educator, Poet, and Writer who knows and believes God called me into the ministry of helping women. I am a SPIRITPRENEUR! A spiritpreneur is a creator of new attitude systems and a developer of innovative ways to express and utilize one's spirituality to produce positive change in others; this is done by taking divine risks that defy cultural norms.

Melanie Joyce Johnson and Shanita R. Jones, members of the church of Christ, co-founded Sisters With A Purpose Ministries in 2011. Though Shanita is no longer a contributor to the ministry, its content, purpose and relevancy will still move on through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit!

S.W.A.P. Ministries was developed as an outlet and platform to give women, in the church, a safe place to encourage one another and grow spiritually. Overall, this ministry is designed to connect us as sisters in Christ, share stories of hope and triumph, and to build one another up towards achieving our God-given purposes in Christ.

Melanie exhibits her talent of poetic expression to provide Christ-centered content for women's conferences across the nation.

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