Venues Served:

- Women's Lectureships
- Ladies Day Programs
- Women's Empowerment Conferences
- Ladies Bible Classes
- Community Events
- Program Booklets (Original Poetry Piece)

Spoken Word/Poetry Pieces:

- A Diamond in the Rough
- Restored: City of Lights
- Lord Deliver Me (Prayer)
- Virtuous Woman
- Cultivating Unity

Specialized Topics:

- Breaking Negative Strongholds (Devotional Book)
- From Hurt to Healing
- She's A Keeper
- Unfortunate Fortune
- It's Not Personal, It's Purposed
- Everything Must Go (Letting go of baggage)
- The Sacrifice of Love
- The .COM Diet (Complete Wholeness)
Into Christ
- Energized to Evangelize Ladies Training Workshop
- Forgiveness the Prelude to Peace



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